price list for digital art works

the digital art works are available in limited edition prints of ten only. i generally use super heavy (170 gsm) white coated (matt) paper of the A4 size, but one could get the prints in any size (while maintaining the dimensions). i also use special printer settings to ensure quality prints.

a art print A4 size (8.3" X 11.7") US $ 25
b art print with frame A4 (+2", +2") US $ 35
c sketch A4 size US $ 15
d sketch with frame A4 (+2", +2") US $ 25
e art print A3 size (11.7" X 16.5") US $ 50
f art print with frame A3 (+3", +3") US $ 75
g any other size specifications prices will vary depending on size  

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