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my academic background is in psychology, i started exploring painting and great artists during college i.e. in the 1980s. personally, my collective consciousness is steeped in indian mythology, lore, tradition, and philosophy. in the process of formal education i imbibed the western rationalist-scientific approach as also a very individualistic mode of thinking. but as i traveled deeper in psychology i was led again to meditation and the mystical practices. i now firmly believe that investigation into inner worlds is of paramount significance. my inner journeys have deepened considerably with the practice of yoga, meditation, research in consciousness, several other techniques of self-awareness and of course intuition. my art expresses some of these explorations.

i work on the principles of essence, wonder, simplicity, innocence, vibrancy and serenity. there is something very 'western' about my art, as about me. and something that is very indian too. i love this mix. i believe, art has the capacity to present radically different, even opposing points of view and yet to integrate them.

all my digital art is totally spontaneous. i do not approach the process of creation with any preconceived notions, but let the mouse flow as a brush. i am primarily a colorist. ideas may emerge as the work progresses. more often than not colors tell their own story. there is a lot of experimentation in the printing too. on canvas i am a little more calculated. often, but not always, i work out the motif in drawings. i have refrained from confining myself to a singular subject/form of expression, though from time to time i have worked on certain themes.

I see art as a celebration of life - in all its colors. a rejoicing in all its experiences, ideas, moods, feelings, sensations, power-equations, romantic notions, spiritual aspirations et. al. my art reflects all the different aspects of my personality. as also the deeper dimensions of the inner world in its connection with the universal creative force. essentially i paint because it is such fun and because i feel warmly towards it.



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